The gift of Taoism, Tai Chi and Qigong.


I aligned with Taoism and internal arts during an extremely emotional time in my life. I was left emotionally exhausted after my mum passed away a year ago. I felt so empty and fatigued and this really took its toll on my overall well being. I had my family and we were all supporting each other but my exhaustion got quite overwhelming. I really began asking for help both in prayer and during meditation. Soon after signs and messengers were beginning to pop up everywhere from people, books and visions. I began having dreams of being in a forest and doing what looked like a kind of ‘dancing meditation’. I had no idea what it was but I would wake up feeling energised and at peace.

One day I googled moving meditation which remarkably aligned me with Tai Chi and Qigong. I looked further into the history which took me to the teachings of Taoism.  This philosophy really touched my heart, I loved the Daoist principles of ‘surrender and acceptance’ and living in accordance with nature. I wanted to strengthen my understanding through experience and to integrate Tai chi and Qigong into my everyday practise as I felt in a profound way these arts would govern my healing, providing me with strength, energy and vitality.

A few weeks later I was set to travel to Southern China to begin my practise of internal Martial Arts. I learnt at a Kung Fu academy situated in Wudang Shan, Southern China. This area is very peaceful and holds great wisdom and sacredness. As legends tell us it is where Lao Tzu, the great mystic philosopher first began teaching the wisdom of the Tao in an effort to bring peace to China during the warring periods. There are beautiful temples situated up top mountains. I was even lucky enough to meet a few Daoist priests during my visits to these temples.

The academy I studied at aims to strengthen not only the internal body but also the external too. The training was mostly different each day, but there was always a balance of strength training and internal training. Each day we’d be doing a variety of  exercises including, punches, kicks, running, push ups and leg work as well as Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, Bagua and other forms.

Stretching and flexibility was the foundation of our training. My Shifu (Master) told me through consistent stretching the body relaxes and begins to restore its natural flexibility and softness much like a young child. Internal tension smoothes out and the body begins to open. This softness and relaxed state of being allows Chi to flow through the bodies channels with ease and grace.

The training was quite hard at times and physically taxing on the body but I got use It and began to feel my body physically strengthen. The beautiful practises of Tai Chi and Qigong brought me back to myself and strengthened my internal awareness of the mind, body and soul. This connection heightened especially when I practised out in nature in the forest with trees. As my body moved so did the wind and the trees branches as if we were moving in sync to a whispered rhythm.

The practise leaves me with a profound sense of peace because the movements direct my attention from the mind to the body. Through practise and mindfulness my connection to my own body has strengthened and I’m more aware of my bodies energy and wisdom.

These interal practises have especially helped me now in my life. I am teaching in China and often the days can be long and exhausting. At the end of the day I can sometimes feel heavy and burdened with all this extra energy. After teaching I go to the park, take off my shoes and just plug myself into the Earth. I imagine long roots growing from my souls down to Earth’s core. I feel supported, grounded and connected. Through the practise of Qigong I visualise all unwanted energy dissipating into Earth to be used as recycled energy. I then begin my practise of Tai Chi. I feel nourished and soothed and a sense of lightness and peace throughout my body. My awareness broadens and I see the trees, the soil and leaves and notice all the beautiful gifts Mother Earth and Father Sky endlessly offer us, their children 🙂

Tai Chi and Qigong have Been divine blessings for me. Not only have they empowered me and facilitated my own healing but have strengthened my connection to our divine Mother- Mother Earth

I wish you all health, peace, love and happiness 🙂

If you have any questions about Qigong, Tai Chi and about the academy in China I studied at or even about the current teaching job I have in China and any other questions please contact me via Facebook or email me, 🙂

Love and light,

Daisy xx







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